Our mission is to help our clients transition from a life affected by debilitating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders to a healthy life of happiness and success using scientifically proven sleep diagnostics and treatments.

Our qualified sleep therapists provide professional services in an atmosphere of supportive warmth and empathy.

We aim to be the best in Canada at enabling sufferers of sleep disorders to live their best lives. Our primary concern is that you receive the treatment that suits you best while also providing you with optimal results. We are here to care for you.
Failure to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can reduce life span by 5-7 years and affect the treatment of other, related conditions.*
American Sleep Apnea Association

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"The professional staff at Atlantic Sleep Apnea fitted me for a CPAP machine and what a difference in my life. Now I am usually up before the alarm even rings. I feel rested and energetic, no longer needing caffeine to start my day. I have also stopped snoring which means a better sleep for my wife and myself."

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